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The Family & De Facto Lawyers at Clinch Long Letherbarrow are highly experienced in helping people to navigate the often-painful area of relationship breakdown and divorce. We are sensitive to your needs and do all we can to expedite a practical solution that takes good care of the interests of you and your children.

Where possible, we seek to help you achieve an amicable resolution with your spouse or de facto partner via Consent Orders for division of property, Parenting Orders for children’s issues or Binding Financial Agreements (both pre-nuptial and during marriage). We also prepare Child Support Agreements.

This approach saves our clients significant time, stress and expense when compared with contested (court-based) outcomes. Our services include advice and representation in the areas of:

In the event of a breakdown of a marriage, de facto or same sex relationship, we bring our business savvy to the fore to ensure your divorce entitlements are fair and equitable, all with a goal of helping you to regain a solid foundation for moving forward in your life again.

Contact us to help secure a sound future for you and your children.

Family & De Facto Lawyers:

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